A space where you can create, organize, analyze and share your grocery lists.

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You start by creating a grocery list and adding items as you need. Finding grocery items is easy. SGL will use your existing price list or you can opt to use other members shared price database. This will help you get the most up to date items and prices.


Savings directly comes from you being able to PLAN your purchases more effectively. Not suprisingly, the more upfront you plan your grocery shopping, the better you can manage your (out of pocket) grocery expenses.


TBA. Your purchases are used as a basis for creating reports that can help you save. For example, if you see in a monthly report that you spend a lot of money on juices, you may decide to switch to another brand/size or reduce the amount spent on juices altogether.

You can add coupons and rebates per item to reduce you final out of pocket expenses. We will soon start providing Brandcaster coupons that you can print for additional savings.


Soon, you will be able privately share any of your grocery list with other members. For example, if you are having a graduation party you can share your "party" grocery list so that a familty member can pitch in and buy some of the refreshments. Or if you prefer, you can simple email any grocery list to your friends and family directly from the SGL.

Community price sharing, you will get the latest prices from other members in your local community. In turn you can decide to share any of your prices with other community members.